This week is World Water Week #WWWeek

In 2014 Butoke capped 6 springs which now provide access to clean drinking water for around 80,000 people. The Friends of Butoke is very grateful to the clean drinking water project funded by The Kitchen Table Charities Trust who provided The Friends of Butoke with a grant of £10,000 to make this possible.

Capping a spring ensures clean drinking water by preventing the water source being contaminated by animal and human waste. The health benefits are huge: child mortality in the population served by springs previously capped by Butoke has fallen very substantially (by about one third) because there has been a large reduction in the number of cases of diarrhoea. In addition, the local population generally drink insufficient water because of the difficulty in obtaining it and the fear of diarrhoea. Higher clean water consumption has resulted in improved health, for example, fewer kidney infections. Access to clean water is essential

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